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What topic did you research in Genius Hour? For my Genius Hour presentation, I chose to research media piracy online, also referred to online copyright infringement. Why did you choose this topic? I chose this topic because technology has always interested me and I wanted to know more about a certain part of the internet. I chose media piracy specifically because it is something very widespread and is a major part of internet culture. I felt that researching it would make me understand more about how some people behave online.

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What was your research question? My research question was: How does online media piracy affect the different industries? What did you learn? I learned a lot. To start, I learned all the different terminology like P2P (peer to peer) and other terms used in the context of my research. I then went on and researched about why people pirate (there sure are many reasons). In the last stage of my research, I tried to find out who was affected, how badly they were affected. For example how much money the software industry has lost so far. Quick fact: Did you know Game of Thrones was by far the most pirated show ever? (Noj, Clker, Grafikacesky. Assembled by me)

How did that help you grow as a person or a student? There are many aspects in which the project made me grow. First of all, I now know a lot of information about media piracy, and I also got a better understanding of copyright in a broader sense. This project also helped my time management. I am usually not a great person at time management but during this project, I noticed a great improvement in time management and getting my project due on time. Lastly, this project helped me grow my presenting skills. I learned to put only images on the slide, and have the script memorized.  Basically, give the audience something pretty to look at, while you tell a story. How did what you learn help (the world, community, animals, etc.) in some way? Explain. I do not think that my project helped very drastically. The main way it helped is by raising awareness to people about media piracy. Media piracy is very widespread and I know many people who pirate, this presentation helped them see the effects and do better choices. 

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How will what you learn in the next Genius Hour help the world, community, yourself, animals, etc. in some way? Explain. I am not exactly sure what I will do for my next Genius Hour but I do think there are many ways in which I could help things around me with my next topic. The most obvious way is by informing people, but I definitely think there are many ways I could help the world around me. For example, I thought instead of just giving out information, why not teach people how to do something. Everyone has their own knowledge in different subjects, and I think it would be good to teach people something instead of just forcing them to memorize facts and information. I think this is the main field in which I will help the world around me with my next Genius Hour project.



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