SBC 5 – If I were a principal for a week

First off I want to say that I am conscious these decisions are not the best but come on, they advantage me.

If I were the principal for a week I would change a lot of things, all to my advantage. First off I would let High-School students have a longer break. I mean like come on, 25 minutes to eat and do whatever else you have to do is not enough. What I haven’t thought of is what would we shorten to make that possible. It really doesn’t matterĀ actually, I’ll just shorten the class after lunch. I would also create a rule where there is a limit of homework we can have, therefore teachers who want to give homework first have to check how much we already have. If it is too much, no homework in that class. I really don’t want to live through four essays (19 pages approximately) in addition to the usual homework for just one weekend.

In terms of food, there is just one thing I would change. I would allow students order from outside (like Yum-Yum for example). I know the argument is that our school has an outside business that has a contract with the school. Why forbid ordering just for that, I’m sure they can take a little bit of rivalry.

I am pretty sure that when the actual principal comes back in power (see how epic the word power sounds) he will change back things to normal. Even if it would last for only a week I think it would make a decent week.

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