SBC3 – End My Story

Credits: Saunders, Ronald. “Dominican Republic. Desert                   Island.” Flickr, Yahoo, 24 October 2017,

It was a sunny morning, Jack had woken up early. He liked to go on the balcony of his cabin to feel the breeze. The ship he was on, the “Esperanza”, had just left the Dominican Republic and headed towards Kingston in Jamaica. The boat was advancing rapidly and the seagulls had a hard time catching up. The boat was not too big, about 200 people could fit. Jack had been on it for a week now, his trip would come to an end in Kingston where he would take a plane back to London Heathrow. Since Jack’s trip was soon over, he decided to enjoy the boat as much as possible. His friend Thomas and him had a rendezvous at the ping-pong table on the top deck. About an hour later, Jack and Thomas were playing a fierce game to define the winner. Suddenly the boat stopped abruptly. Jack looked what had happened, he could not believe what he saw. The boat hit a rock and was quickly sinking. He called Thomas;

“Thomas, hurry, to the safety boats.”

Jack and Thomas ran to the 2nd deck where the emergency boats were. Everyone was handed a lifejacket and was assigned different boats. The two friends were put with a family of four. Every boat was maneuvered by a crew member. The boats all headed towards the Haitian coast. The crew member on their boat was called Mauro, an Italian who was attracted by the thirst for adventure. He explained how he drove a boat in the rapids of the Amazon river, or how he saved a plane from a hijacking. The passengers of the boat were trying to figure out from which video-game he pulled these stories from. As Mauro went on with his stories, he didn’t seem to notice that the other boats were slowly disappearing. When the other boats had vanished, the father of the family asked

“Where did the boats go, we were supposed to follow them.”

Mauro looked at the GPS and realized he had drifted ending up heading to the continent. Realizing that they were halfway between where the boat sank and the continent and had almost run out of fuel Mauro announced;

“I suggest we stop on one of these deserts islands and from there reach someone with the radio. They anchored on a small island. They had selected it for its palm trees providing coconuts. Once on the island, Mauro tried reaching a nearby boat. He realized the radio did not work. They were not doomed to survive on this desert island. Within a few weeks conflicts started. The family had started fighting over the sharing of the food and the coconut water. Mauro had gone off into the small forest to explore the island. A week later Jack and Thomas had started fighting. Thomas’s portion of food went missing and he blamed Jack. A few more weeks passed by and Mauro had never come back, everyone was now tired of fighting and had split. One day, when the group was doing their routine, a ship passed by. They waved over and over again and suddenly the ship headed towards them. It was a small fisher ship. The ship brought them to a small island with a harbor from where they took a boat back to Haiti. On the ship back the group was wondering what they would become. How would they fit back into society after such a long time stranded on that island with the influence of violence?

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  1. When all the people got to land their family’s were waiting for them when all of a sudden police shows up they said they were working on an investigation.

  2. To Roman,
    Hey! I really enjoyed reading your post, I that your story was brilliant. I hope you continue on creating stories because this one was a very interesting one, and I bet you can make more!
    From: hmsbrady

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